Ika Sarkasi Batik is the Website of Mr Ika Zahri Bin Sarkasi

Mr Ika Zahri Bin Sarkasi is both a Batik Artist and a Batik Instructor

Ika Sarkasi Batik is all about Batik Art produced and taught by Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi.   Batik is a unique and exotic form of art.  If you love creativity and appreciate beauty, then batik art is for you.

Having Grown up seeing his Father, Mr Sarkasi Said, a respectable and renowned international batik artist in Singapore, do art pieces of great beauty, Ika Zahri has made his humble progress into the Singapore art scene as well as the international one.  He studied batik from his father and has since been exhibiting his own works at various exhibitions.

International Exhibitions

His art pieces were showcased in the Inspirational Art Exhibition at Substation, New York Art Expo in New York City (USA) and the first Mendaki Charity Exhibition.

Singapore Exhibitions

In his years of teaching, Mr Ika Zahri Bin Sarkasi has nurtured countless numbers of students’ artistic potential.  Furthermore he has organised two exhibitions with them, in 2002 entitled “Our World” and in 2003 entitled “Harmony in Wax”.  In 2006 he had ten schools foe an exhibition and sales of batik products for needy children in schools. That event was entitled “Basically Batik”. Then in 2010, he had “Batik Extravaganza 2010” which was held at United Square in Singapore.  In that same year he did the “Longest Batik Painting with Mayflower Primary School” in Singapore.

Chingay Parade

In 2014 Ika Zahri was involved via The Peoples Association to participate in the Chingay Parade for 2014.  His participation involved the creation of 4320 metres of Batik Painting to be displayed during the parade.   Additionally an Ez-Link card collectors edition (Fare card for Trains and Buses in Singapore) was created with a design curated from this 4320 metres of Batik Painting.

ika batik chingay 2014 ezlink card

Workshop on ASEAN Textile Fashion & Design Exhibition 2016

Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 24 – 27 November 2016.

ika sarkasi batik


Largest Display of Hand Painted Lanterns

In 2015 Ika Zahri was awarded the certificate below for the largest display of hand painted lanterns.  The display comprised of 2149 lanterns and the event was for The Mid Autumn Festival and was held at Singapore Expo.

ika sarkasi batik


 Chingay 2014 Special Artist

In 2014 Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi participated in The Chingay Parade as the Special Artist.

chingay 2014 special artist ika sarkasi batik


Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi has been trained in batik art since a very young age and he shows great potential.  He is considered to be a highly promising artist of the next generation, as demonstrated by this website ika sarkasi batik.