Batik Events Singapore

Various Batik Events held in Singapore and the the ASEAN Region that include the participation of Ika Sarkasi Batik in the form of Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi. He is pleased to participate in Batik Events Singapore.

Chingay February 2017

The 2017 location is Singapore Formula One Pit Area

Chingay is a famous annual event in Singapore. It started out as a Chinese parade associated with Chinese deities such as the Goddess of mercy. Chingay has become a very multicultural parade highlighting the vibrant multicultural aspect of Singapore. There are also foreign participants giving a regional flavour and enhancing the multicultural aspect even further. The incorporation of Batik Art from Mr Ika Zahari Sarkasi is a natural part of the multicultural Chingay event, this subsection is another of the batik events in Singapore.

ASEAN Textile Fashion Design & Exhibition 2016

The event was held in Malaysia from 24 to 27 November 2016.


Paint With One Heart



President’s Charity Art Exhibition 2014

In 2014 Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi participated in The President’s Charity Art Exhibition.

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