Batik Workshops are held by Mr Ika Zahri to introduce Batik Art.  Probably one of the oldest traditional art forms in Southeast Asia is Batik Art.

Batik Workshops

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Batik Workshops in Singapore are run by Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi. The purpose is to educate students in traditional and modern forms of Batik Art.   As a result of learning basic techniques of batik painting taught during these batik courses, students are able to create beautiful and intricate designs.  The basic techniques taught during the workshops, include single application of wax onto the fabric.  Alternatively multiple applications of wax onto the material, are combined with the application of colours.  Therefore the art becomes more colourful and intricate.  As a result, the students learn new artistic techniques and almost always become more confident in their abilities.

Batik Workshops Singapore

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batik workshops

Ika Batik currently provides workshops by Mr Ika Zahri Sarkasi in Singapore.   They have been held at the following schools and organisations:

  • ACS JR School
  • AWWA Special School
  • Beacon Primary School
  • Bedok Green Primary School
  • Bendeemer Primary School
  • Bukit Batok Secondary School
  • Canadian International School
  • Cantoment Primary School
  • Chaoyang School
  • CHIJ Queen of Peace
  • Farrer Park Primary School
  • Gan Eng Seng Secondary School
  • Geylang Methodist Primary School
  • Henry Park Primary School
  • Hong Wen School
  • Mayflower Primary School
  • Mellinum Institute
  • Meridian Primary School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • South View Primary School
  • Tanjong Katong Girls School
  • Temasek Primary School
  • Xinghua Primary School
  • Woodlands Primary School
  • Worked with PCF Eunos Block 650 and the Jamiyah Childrens Home to create a 6 metre Batik piece. This was later combined and made into a Batik Saree.  It is especially relevant that it received the National Heritage Board and Early Childhood Development Agency’s Innovation Grant Project, for this batik art.


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